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A Wine Aerator From WineWeaver® Can Instantly Improve The Taste Of Your Wine!

The award winning wine aerator range from WineWeaver® offers easy to use hands free technology, ensuring that a wine poured through it is delivered directly to the contours of your glassware, combining the size, shape and curve of your glass in an integral step of the aeration process, whilst the perforations in the spout naturally weave air into your wine, helping to unlock your wines full potential.

The Crystalline Range...

Our crystalline range comes with a crystal clear chalice, matching coloured aeration spout and drip-stand.  Enjoy watching your wine cascade into your glass through your wine aerator!

Elegant Engineering Meets Practicality!

Our Single Glass and Decanter aerators are specially crafted from a super-lightweight FDA and EEC approved polycarbon. WineWeaver® ensures safe and direct contact with fine glass and stemware and is dishwasher safe. Simply raise the spout up for a Single-glass setting or lower for use with a decanter. Enjoy with both red and white wines.

Wine Aerator Luxury At An Affordable Price!

Our WineWeaver Black Velvet range fuses together the crystal clear chalice found in our Crystalline range with the timeless elegance of an ‘onyx’ black spout and stand.

Sale and Multi-buy Offers!

You can save money when you purchase a multi-buy or sale product. We often have sale products so please keep checking back.

Accessorize! You Know You Want To!

From corkscrews to charms , our wine accessories will ensure a pleasurable wine experience.

Unique, Elegant And Versatile, The Ultimate Wine Aerator!

WineWeaver® delivers perfectly aerated wine direct from the bottle to your glass and allows you to instantly enjoy each and every wine in optimum drinking condition.

  • Adjust the spout to your glass size or decanter
  • Super-lightweight design sits safely on fine-rimmed glassware
  • Smooth and natural process reduces the risk of ‘wineshock’
  • Exterior fins offer hands-free stability and increased airflow
  • Perfect for reviving vacuumed and re-sealed bottles
  • Filters sediment and cork
  • Includes stylish non-drip stand
  • Dishwasher safe

Product demonstration – How a wine aerator works, click here.

Customer Testimonials

” WineWeaver – it’s a fab product…really easy to use and makes a real difference to the taste of our wine. Would I recommend this product? – definitely…I already have! ”

Lucy, Bearstead, UK

” The wineweaver makes every glass a ritual of pleasure. Whether at home or out and about (it’s easy to put in my bag) I love to watch the aeration and then enjoy the improvement in taste. It’s also great fun taste testing with friends. 100% of the time it tastes so much better! I love my wineweaver! ”

Helen, UK

” I was given a WineWeaver Black Velvet last January… I have been impressed by its performance and I will certainly recommend you to quite a few people ”

Richard, UK

” WineWeaver has a nice design and works well. I have recommended to several of my friends/family who have since purchased them. Works well for white as well as red, nice design and nice colours. ”

Mark, Basingstoke, UK

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